Guide: How To Create a FiveM Server

Are you ready to dive into the world of Grand Theft Auto V RP servers on FiveM? In this step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the process of setting up your very own FiveM server, optimized for Get ready to create an immersive multiplayer experience and attract a vibrant community of players.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Server Hosting

To begin your journey, you need a reliable hosting provider for your FiveM server. A good hosting provider ensures that your server runs smoothly and remains accessible to players at all times. With numerous options available, it’s important to choose a provider that offers the features, performance, and support you require. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade to a more powerful server, the following hosting providers are highly regarded in the FiveM community and offer excellent services tailored for running FiveM servers.

List of Server Hosters for FiveM:

  1. Zaphosting – Offer Discount 15% here
    • Zaphosting is a popular choice for FiveM server hosting, known for their reliable performance and excellent customer support.
  2. Hetzner (
    • Hetzner offers a range of powerful dedicated servers and VPS options, ideal for hosting FiveM servers with high player capacity.
  3. GTXGaming (
    • GTXGaming provides robust FiveM server hosting solutions, offering a user-friendly control panel and reliable server performance.
  4. Citadel Servers (
    • Citadel Servers specializes in game server hosting and provides reliable FiveM server hosting with customizable options.
  5. Nodecraft (
    • Nodecraft offers a user-friendly interface and powerful hardware to ensure a smooth and lag-free FiveM server experience.

When selecting a hosting provider, consider factors such as server performance, available resources, customer support, pricing, and user reviews. Each of these providers has its own unique offerings, so take the time to compare and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Happy hosting!

Step 2: Set Up a Robust Database

A strong foundation is key to a successful FiveM server. Set up a high-performance database, such as MySQL or MariaDB, to store essential server data. These databases provide the necessary reliability and scalability for your server’s needs. Be sure to secure your database credentials for future configuration steps.

For that, you can use XAMPP:

You can download XAMPP on their official website here

Step 3: Master the LUA Programming Language

LUA is the programming language used for FiveM server customization. Familiarize yourself with the basics of LUA programming, as it will empower you to create unique gameplay features and functionalities for your server. Embrace the power of LUA and bring your creative ideas to life.

Step 4: Install Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Packages

Certain FiveM resources rely on Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Packages to function smoothly. Ensure you have these packages installed on your server. By doing so, you guarantee that all dependencies are met, providing a seamless experience for your players.

Step 5: Download and Configure FiveM Server Software

Visit to access the latest version of the FiveM server software. Download and extract the files to your desired location on the server.

Step 6: Customize Server Settings for Optimal Performance

Now it’s time to tailor your FiveM server to perfection. Open the server configuration file, often called “server.cfg,” using a text editor. Customize the settings to match your server’s specifications. This includes configuring database access, adjusting server parameters, and implementing other unique tweaks to elevate your players’ experience.

Step 7: Launch Your FiveM Server

With your server configuration complete, it’s time to embark on your RP adventure. Launch your FiveM server by following the instructions provided by These steps may vary based on your operating system and specific hosting setup. Keep an eye out for any additional recommendations or guidelines shared by during this process.

Step 8: Enhance Your Server with Custom Resources

Set your server apart by adding custom resources. FiveM offers an expansive library of resources, including mods and scripts, that can elevate your server’s gameplay. Explore the vibrant FiveM community and the dedicated resource section on to discover unique and engaging resources. Experiment, iterate, and unleash your creativity to craft a truly immersive experience.

Step 9: Promote Your FiveM Server on

Don’t forget to showcase your newly created server on This platform connects passionate RP players with the best servers around. Submit your server’s details, including a captivating description, enticing features, and any special events you plan to host. Leverage the power of SEO optimization by incorporating relevant keywords, attracting organic traffic to your server listing.

Step 10: Engage with the FiveM Community

Building a thriving community around your FiveM server is essential. Engage with the FiveM community, join relevant forums, and participate in discussions. Connect with other server owners, exchange ideas, and collaborate to create a vibrant network of RP enthusiasts. Encourage player feedback and actively address their suggestions, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your own FiveM server, optimized for Now it’s time to unleash your creativity, build a passionate player base, and make your mark in the world of GTA V RP. Embrace the endless possibilities, refine your server over time, and create an unforgettable RP experience for all who join your server through


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