Immortal Roleplay, the German GTA5 RP server, stands out as one of the prominent Streamer FiveM servers in German-speaking countries. Renowned personalities such as MckyTV, Montana Black, and Trymacs are closely associated with this server.

To gain access to Immortal-RP, prospective players must successfully complete the whitelisting process. This involves joining their Teamspeak server and proceeding to the designated whitelist or support waiting room.

Important Note: Be cautious of Pay2Win practices, as they are not lawful.
ImmortalRP employs a Pay2Win system, which entails players spending real money to acquire advantages within the game. These advantages can range from weaponry and vehicles to properties and even special abilities for characters.

The server is primarily recognized for its utilization of the Pay2Win system, allowing players to make in-game purchases using actual currency. It is essential to note that Rockstar Games explicitly prohibits this practice, and engaging in it may have legal consequences. Further information on this matter can be found here.

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